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India News: One particularly hilarious phone call, involving a lady named Vanshika and her buddy during a post-breakup weeping session, has gone viral on social media. The girl, Vanshika, who made the popular video, was on the phone with her best friend when the two broke up. On the two-month anniversary of their first date, she told her lover how much she missed him. As she was getting ready for the big event, he informed her that he “wasn’t sure” about their relationship. As she recounted the incident to her buddy, she did so with a pout on her face. Twitter user @hajarkagalwa posted the video, which has gone viral with over 1.4 million views so far. Check out the video below:

“On our two-month anniversary, I treated both Akash and myself to full threading and waxing. Vanshika is overheard stating, “I got threading and waxing done on my two-month anniversary with Akash, and it was so painful that I shouted in front of the parlor employees.” “Aur bande ki boldness dekh,” she adds, referring to Akash’s brazen behavior “In continuation, she says more. According to her, Akash told her, “I’m not sure about us; I believe we should take a break.”

As soon as the video of Vanshika’s performance went viral on the internet, she became a huge star. Inevitably, she became the punchline to many viral jokes that you just must see.

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