Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot got angry about Tina Dutta’s elimination, know the whole news

Fans of the Salman Khan-hosted reality program Bigg Boss 16 are loving the show’s constant turmoil and surprising plot twists. Salman, an actor, and the host kept up the pattern by giving participant Shalin Bhanot a new task. If he had pressed the button, two of his best friends and fellow contestants, Tina Datta and Sumbul Touqeer, would not have been kicked off. Salman added a fresh wrinkle by saying that Shalin would only be permitted to keep one if Rs 25 lakh is subtracted from the monetary reward. The second choice he was given was to have one of the aforementioned participants be eliminated while Shalin kept the money.

A little later, as Salman began the countdown, Shalin glanced at Tina and decided not to hit the buzzer in order to save the reward money. Tina Datta then departed from her residence. Tina left the house, and Shalin cried in front of Priyanka Chahar Choudhary and Ankit Gupta. He told them how he felt. But then he changed his tune, telling Sreejita De and Archana Gautam he never liked Tina and had always suspected she would go.

As Archana was preparing dinner, she overheard Shalin saying, “I knew it when Salman Khan shouted saath and only at that moment did I realize that Tina was being evicted.” Aside from that, he disclosed to Sreejita, “I never loved Tina, it was only because of the chicken that I liked her.” The only thing I miss about her is not having to worry about being fed; she always made sure I had chicken in the fridge. When I leave the house, I won’t even bother talking to her since I’ll be at my restaurant.

The next episode’s preview shows Bigg Boss 16 playing another game and asking Shalin to hit the buzzer if she wants Tina back. However, he will not get the Rs 25,000,000. Shalin pushes the button, revealing that he doesn’t give a damn and will personally distribute the funds to everyone.

When Tina finally enters the home, she loses her composure and outs Shalin, stating, “He knew I was leaving the house that day, so he didn’t hit the buzzer, and then all of a sudden he pressed it today.” Why did it take him so long to figure out how to save me? If I had been there, Shalin Bhanot, I would have pushed it on the third count and rescued you. The inability to be a friend’s person implies that you are not a person to anyone. I am aware of your every domestic activity and did not want to leave. I exited the house and noticed you singing and dancing over there. I finally received a wake-up call that brought me down to earth.

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