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Trying to figure out how to increase your Instagram following but not sure where to begin?

Some Instagram users choose to artificially inflate their audience size by paying for likes or boosting their photos, but these strategies are short-lived and might backfire in the long run.

With over 2 billion monthly active users, Instagram has surpassed even Facebook as the most popular social networking platform for sharing visual content.

Because of this, Instagram marketing and a sizable number of followers may help brands become more well-known to their intended demographic.

Here are 22 low-cost methods to increase your Instagram following. Each of these methods, from getting more likes to posting high-quality photos, has been shown to work:

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1. Formulate a strategy and fill a content calendar with inspiring ideas

When making outstanding material, we often think about concepts, transmission, and optimization.

Sharing visual content on an Instagram account for a company or brand should be no different.

Planning ahead for seasonality, holidays, your company’s future events, and (most crucially) your overall traffic and sales objectives can help you generate more ideas for interesting content.

You are still allowed to be adaptable and to publish on the fly when inspiration strikes.

However, rather of scurrying about in a panic to find anything to publish, you may stay ahead of the game by keeping a library of ideas and a (tentative) calendar.

In addition, the frequency of your updates depends on the nature of your company.

2. Thus, you should organize your Instagram posts and stick to them.

You Should Only Share Artfully Composed Photos & Videos
When marketing on Instagram, businesses should only utilize high-quality images and videos.

Clear, pixel-free images are what I mean by “high-quality.” Instagram is, above all, a visual medium.

It is unacceptable for businesses to publish pictures that are blurry or missing parts of the image.

No, it need not be in the style of National Geographic. You need to concentrate on it.

Poor-quality material will not only fail to interest readers but may also lose you some of them.

3. Try Out Various Filters And Dimensions
Being a corporation doesn’t mean you can’t play around with filters and other realities.

Actually, content filters should be used.

Your chances of having your images shared the increase in direct proportion to how creative and unique they are.

Additionally, there are several picture editing programmes available for download.

The square isn’t your only choice for size; landscape and portrait modes are at your disposal as well.

Instagram followers lifetime guarantee |
Instagram followers lifetime guarantee

Use Instagram Analytics as Meal Prep for Your Persona Research
If you sign up for a free Instagram business account, you can see when your target demographic is most likely to be using the platform.

4. Take use of that information to create the best possible publication schedule.

Instagram also gives you demographic information about its users, like their ages, genders, and locations, which can help you learn more about your target audience.

5. Mention those who engage with your brand in photos you post online.

Tagging relevant accounts will have you appear in the tagged feed of those folks who aren’t already following you.

If you own a gym, you might snap a group picture of your Body Pump students after class and share it online, complete with comments and tags. All of their tagged feeds will be updated at once.

The post will be seen by their followers, who will then learn about your studio.

However, this tactic may be used to a wide variety of different corporate and brand identities.

You should include and highlight others wherever possible. More exposure on Instagram and potential new clients will come back to you as a result.

Using branded hashtags and calls to action in your Instagram bio is a must.
You should include a link, a call to action, and branded hashtags in your Insta bio if you want to attract new Instagram users.

In this part, consumers may learn more about you or your company to decide whether they want to stick with you.

Just make sure you don’t come across as spammy or desperate.

You need to introduce yourself to the community and explain why they should follow you.

7. Keep this part of the page up to date.

The seventh tip is to include questions and calls to action in your social media posts.
Each article should finish with a question or a clear call to action to increase interaction.

Instances of CTAs include:

Find out more by clicking the link in our bio!
If you like this video and want to see more like it, touch it twice!
If you want to stay up to date, follow us.
You may also ask inquiries here. Your audience will remain interested, you’ll demonstrate that you value their opinions, and you’ll get inspiration for future posts all from this one simple action.

8. Promote your Instagram page by including a link on your website and in your email signature.

Get your already-established clientele to follow you on Instagram by adding a button to your social media links or incorporating Instagram posts into your website.

9. A business’s Instagram account is another great place to include a link in an email signature.

And add a plugin that will automatically add your most recent Instagram posts to your website.

Inviting those who already frequent your site to check out your new account is a terrific strategy to get new followers and customers.

The ninth tip is to share your Instagram photos and videos on other social media platforms.
Sharing your Instagram photos and videos on other social media platforms might increase traffic to your profile.

If you share an Instagram post on another social media site, those who are already following you there will get a notification saying that the post was shared from Instagram, letting them know that you have an account there as well.

You may configure your settings so that all of your posts automatically cross-post, or you can choose which ones to cross-post.

To expand your brand’s audience, hold contests and launch campaigns.
After you’ve built up a core audience, you may host competitions and campaigns to draw in even more participants and attention.

10. Organizing an engaging Instagram contest, for instance, may boost website visits and product sales.

You may urge your followers to do things like like, comment, or use a certain hashtag, or you can ask them to tag a friend.

Your company and page will reach more Instagram users when you encourage them to tag a friend.

If you want more Instagram followers, this is a certain method to boost your brand’s visibility and exposure.

11. Observe What Others Are Doing

If you want to know how to obtain more Instagram followers, one good idea is to study your rivals’ profiles and figure out what they’re doing well.

Exploring their profiles may help you learn about new hashtags, influencers to contact, and other tactics that can improve your own social media marketing.

Keep an eye on which of their postings are generating the most engagement, since it might provide you with ideas for your own profile.

Twelve, Communicate on Instagram followers (Follow, Like & Comment On Other Posts)
Interact strategically with those who could like your profile.

This may be put into practice by following, like, and commenting on the postings of prospective consumers and brand allies.

12. If you really want to increase Instagram followers then Get started by using hashtags

Find others who share your interests by clicking on the hashtags you use most often and most relevantly.

Engaging with your existing fan base is another useful technique. You owe it to them to follow you back and appreciate what you see in their feed.

The more you interact with people, the more likely it is that you will appear in their feeds.

Additionally, it demonstrates that you are a genuine account that values giving back to others.

13. Don’t clutter your pictures with too much text.

You should usually keep the text for the captions. Users seek for Instagram’s beautiful content.

Therefore, it is unusual to share a picture with a lot of text included in it.

The picture would benefit greatly with a brief, encouraging quotation or comment, but an extended product description or message would only serve to dilute the power of the image.

Canva is a free application that comes in useful if you’re seeking for methods to add text to photographs.

14: Avoid Putting Logos or Watermarks on Any Photos You Post.

Branding your Instagram post with your logo distracts from the message and the user.

Instagram followers aren’t used to seeing brand names or watermarks on photos and videos. Putting a logo on your material is not recommended, although branding is OK.

If you’re a B2B firm sharing a behind-the-scenes photo of your staff, make sure they’re sporting corporate swag.

If you’re a clothing business, you could also brand photos with your name by periodically include a bag in a prominent position.

Don’t be obvious, or you can lose followers.

15: Take Advantage Of Trending Hashtags To Reach A Wider Audience

If you include hashtags in your Instagram posts, you’ll be seen by people who aren’t already following you but are interested in the stuff you’re sharing.

Make use of regional hashtags if you’re promoting a regional enterprise.

Invest some time in exploring possible hashtags and settling on the most appropriate ones for your content.

Popular hashtags may be easily determined.

By prefixing a hash symbol (#) with your chosen term, Instagram will display the total number of related posts. is another great resource for discovering trending hashtags.

By entering your main hashtag, you may see the total number of people who have seen your content, the number of people who have seen your linked content, and so on.

When posting to Instagram, how many hashtags should I use?
Five to seven is a usual number to keep from coming off as spammy. However, you’re limited to just 30 hashtags.

When using Instagram, where should I put the hashtags?
The decision of whether or not to add them to the post itself or as a separate remark right after publishing is purely stylistic.

After their caption, some people like to add a single period followed by a line break before adding hashtags.

Whatever you decide, just be sure to maintain that consistency throughout all of your postings.

16 Make The Most Of Geotagging To Connect With Neighborhood Viewers.

Geotagging your material (but not necessarily with your shop location) is another technique to be discovered by folks who aren’t currently following you.

Use a well-known landmark that is both close by and related to your location.

Your content will now show up in relevant searches for that specific area.

A search engine may even prioritise your material if it’s doing extraordinarily well.

For Rule #17, Please Only Include Links In Your Bio

If you add a link in an Instagram post, it won’t work and your viewers will have a frustrating and unpleasant experience trying to access it.

Instead of posting a broken link in your bio, encourage folks to visit it.

Simply sending them to your site where they may explore what you have to offer is a click away.

When updating your bio, add your link to the “link” box and note that you did so.

Use a URL shortener like to save precious character count.

You can improve the link’s performance even more by giving it some thought and making it into something more significant than a meaningless string of text.

Labeling images and videos with product information has been shown to increase sales.
If you’re trying to sell something, you should use Instagram’s tagging function.

18. Photos and videos can now be tagged with product links for businesses to use.

This function requires a Facebook business page with a product catalog.

It’s a win-win for businesses that want to increase conversions without making the customer experience worse.

19: Make Your Own Branded Event Hashtag and grow your instagram followers

Make sure your next event is properly represented online by establishing a customized hashtag.

Your company will get some much-needed exposure, and you’ll get to curate a special stream of all the information from your event, while also facilitating connections and interactions between attendees and the other attendees and the brands they’re interested in.

Your customised hashtag may be used for event promotion in the lead-up, and for post-event content creation in the wake of the event.

20. Whenever you’re tagged, re-post your best testimonials to brag about your excellent service.

Posting straight to your feed after a user has tagged your company or brand is a great way to get even more exposure.

One effective way to use Instagram followers for marketing is to highlight customer praise and comments.

Instagram’s rules of service state that you should seek written permission to repost a user’s work, so be sure to contact the individual and thank them for their post if you’d want to use it again.

The user will probably agree.

You may use an app like Repost for Instagram to automate the reposting process.

In any case, make sure to mention them as the picture’s original poster in the description and include them as a photo tag.

Take Advantage Of Instagram Ads To Reach Your Target Market
You should think about investing in ads to boost your Instagram following.

Using Facebook’s Power Editor, you can create eye-catching carousel advertisements to promote your content.

Facebook ads are a great way to get your current contest or marketing effort in front of a wider audience.

You can make sure that Instagram users who are interested in your company see your posts by using Power Editor to target them based on their interests and habits.

Some of these methods may be more effective than others, but you should experiment to see which ones work best for you and your company.

Verify Your Account, last Step 22

Instagram followers (and other social media) verification has no negative effect on user interaction.

Your brand will instantly become more trustworthy and genuine after receiving the small blue tick.

Instagram verification is a goal that a select few will achieve.

Getting your company certified is just another method to set yourself apart from the competition and show your customers that you can be trusted.

There are several requirements for an eligible account.

Authentic (you must establish you are, in fact, the brand or company you claim to be) (you must prove you are, in fact, the brand or business you claim to be).
Unique (only one account per brand may exist) (only one account per brand can exist).
Complete (with a bio, profile picture, and at least one post) (with a bio, profile photo, and at least one post).
Notable (your brand must be “well-known” and “highly searched for” by Instagram followers users).
Consequences and Implications
Get more Instagram followers quickly by using these strategies.

Instagram analytics, hashtag research, high-quality photographs, compelling content and CTAs are all musts.

Following these guidelines can help you achieve your Instagram followers growth objectives.


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