Breaking news: Ahmedabad Railway Station Renovation

Ahmedabad Railway Station Renovation: Anurag Thakur, minister of information and broadcasting, said on Wednesday that the Union Cabinet has authorised Rs 10,000 crore for the redevelopment of the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus train stations in New Delhi, Ahmedabad, and Mumbai. The choice was made during a Wednesday Cabinet meeting.

Speaking to the media, Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw remarked that these stations’ designs will blend in with the urban environment to become a seamless part of the metropolis.

  • A roof plaza of 648 m by 140 m will be constructed over the lines.
  • linkage with existing BRT, metro stations, bullet trains, city buses, and taxis.
  • A network of elevated roads with 13 lanes is proposed.
  • An iconic design is planned for the station, including a large archway that is modelled after the Modhera Sun Temple.
  • A new hallmark for Ahmedabad city will be the new distinctive towers and arches.
Ahmedabad Railway Station

Benefits of Ahmedabad railway station

Three important stations are being renovated using the Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) method.
35,744 new employment will be created as a consequence of the refurbishment of three stations.
More than 2 million travellers’ everyday experiences will be improved.
The local economy will benefit from investments and new business prospects.
In the first phase, he added, 199 stations with a daily footfall of 50 lakh are slated to be renovated.

Vaishnav said the goal is to finish the rebuilding of the New Delhi station in three and a half years, adding that work is already ongoing at 32 stations while the tender for 47 stations is out. In 2.5 years, he claimed, the other two train stations would be renovated.
According to the railway minister, the plan would contain a sizable roof plaza with all of the passenger amenities in one location, as well as areas for shops, cafeterias, and leisure centres.
On both sides of the railroad lines, the stations in these cities will be interconnected. There will be amenities, including a food court, a waiting area, a children’s play area, and a location to trade regional goods. Vaishnav threw in.

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