Happy Kati Bihu 2022: greetings, wishes, INSTAGRAM, Facebook and WhatsApp status

Happy Kati Bihu 2022: Three Bihu festivals are observed in Assam. The occasion of Kati Bihu, which means “cut,” is honoured when the rice seedling is moved. The event is held every year in the month of October, and this year it falls on October 18. Here are some wishes and messages you may share with your loved ones to make the event joyful for them since it will be enthusiastically observed in the state of Assam.

Wishes and greetings for a Happy Kati Bihu 2022

— May Kati Bihu enrich your life with pleasure and happiness and fill your heart with love. Joyful Kati Bihu.
— I hope you’ll light Saaki at my house as well. I pray that Kati Bihu may bring you happiness and wealth.

Happy Kati Bihu to you and your loved ones!

Let’s unite on this holiday and hope for everyone’s development and success. All the best on Kati Bihu.

— It’s time to set off lanterns outside our houses and gather with loved ones to celebrate and feast. Warmest regards on Kati Bihu to everybody.

Let’s pray for everyone’s future to be better and happier on the occasion of Kati Bihu. I’d want to wish everyone a Happy Kati Bihu.

On Kati Bihu, let’s dance away our concerns.

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Why is the celebration celebrated? Kati Bihu 2022

Given that the granaries are typically empty and there isn’t much to eat at this time of year, Kati Bihu is also known as Kongali, meaning “poor.” The celebrations of Kati Bihu are more solemn in tone than those of the other Bihus (Bhogali or Magh Bihu and Rongali or Bohag Bihu), which are more flashy. Various portions of the home are lit up with lights or Sasaki (candles) to commemorate this Bihu. In the courtyard, close to the revered Tulsi plant, the main lamp is lit.

For the full month of Kati, the plant is cleansed and set on an earthen platform called a Tulsi Bheti, and prayers and offerings are offered to the Goddess Tulsi for the well-being of the family and a fair crop.

Farmers light a special kind of lamp called Akaxh Banti (Sky candle), which is placed high on the tips of tall bamboo poles, in the paddy fields. It is believed that lighting these lamps will help ancestors find their way to heaven, but they also serve a practical purpose by luring insects to the flame and their demise, which keeps the crops healthy.

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