Ukraine Russia War: Putin claims that the West is engaged in a “Dangerous, bloody, dirty game” in Ukraine.

Ukraine Russia War: Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia, warned on Thursday that the world was entering the most dangerous decade since World War II as Western elites fought to halt the inevitable decline of American and allied supremacy.

In a tirade against the United States and its allies, who he said were responsible for igniting the crisis in Ukraine, Putin claimed that the West was engaged in a geopolitical game that was “dangerous, brutal, and disgusting” and was causing turmoil throughout the globe.

The West will ultimately need to discuss the future of the globe with Russia and other big nations, according to Putin.

Putin, the supreme leader of Russia, stated to the Valdai Discussion that “the historical epoch of the West’s undisputed dominion over world events is coming to an end.”

We are at a turning point in history, with the most perilous, uncertain, and significant decade since the conclusion of World War Two lying ahead.

Despite the current stage of conflict, he said, Russia does not view the West as an adversary.

On February 24, Russia moved soldiers into Ukraine, starting the largest Western-Eastern conflict since the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, when the Soviet Union and the United States came perilously near to nuclear war.

While the West has placed the most punitive sanctions in history on Russia, one of the largest producers of natural resources to the globe, tens of thousands of people have died.

When asked about a potential nuclear escalation, Putin said that there would always be a risk of using nuclear weapons.


Bloody Game

Putin said that the West was openly racist and looked down on other peoples of the globe by using a Harvard University speech by a Russian dissident and author Alexander Solzhenitsyn from 1978.

The so-called West has staked its claim to world dominance on a game that is risky, violent, and, in my opinion, unethical, according to Putin. “The power of the wind shall harvest the storm,” they say.

The sooner we start talking about our shared destiny, the better said Putin. “I have always believed and believe in common sense, therefore I am certain that sooner or later, the emerging centers of the multipolar world order and the West will have to start an equitable discourse about the future we share.

Putin framed the Ukrainian crisis as a fight between the West and Russia over control of the second-largest Eastern Slavic nation. He said that because Russians and Ukrainians were one people, it was in some ways a “civil war.” Kyiv vehemently opposes both of those concepts.

Putin claimed that Russia’s defeats in Ukraine were never far from his mind. However, he said that only Russia could ensure the territorial integrity of Ukraine.


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