The Prime Minister laid the foundation stone and dedicated more than just Rs crore Kochi Metro and Indian trains to various projects. 4500 crore in Kochi


“Modern infrastructure has a big role to play in this advanced Indian road map”

“We actually changed the Indian train. Currently, the train station in this country is also being developed as an airport.

“From agriculture to industry, this modern infrastructure will create new job opportunities in Kerala”

“Tourism development during the Amrit period will help a lot in the development of the country”

“In Kerala, more than 70 thousand crore hospital has been given to lakhs of small entrepreneurs under the Mudra loan scheme.

INDIA: The Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, today laid the foundation stone of various Kochi Metro projects and Indian trains in Kochi and dedicated them to the nation. Earlier today, the Prime Minister visited Sri Adi Shankar Janmabhumi area of ​​Kaldi Kochi village.

After overcoming the meeting, the Prime Minister said that every nook and corner of Kerala was filled with the fervor of the holy Onam Festival. He congratulated everyone for these projects which enhance the ease of living and ease of doing business. On this auspicious occasion, Kerala has been bestowed with connectivity projects worth over Rs 4600 crore to Kerala, the Prime Minister said.

Commenting on the nectar independence period, the Prime Minister said that Indians had taken a big proposal for the creation of India which advanced over the next 25 years. “This advanced Indian road map has a big role to play in this advanced Indian road map.” The Prime Minister recalled that in 2017 he was honored to inaugurate Metro Kochi.

Today the extension of Phase I of Metro Kochi is being inaugurated and the foundation stone of Phase II of Metro Kochi has also been laid. The Prime Minister said that the second phase of Kochi Metro will be a gift to young people and professionals. “There is an accelerated growth across the country when it comes to transportation and urban development,” the prime minister remarked.

Commenting on the implementation of the Integrated Metropolitan Transport Authority in Kochi, the Prime Minister said that the authority would work to integrate all modes of transport such as metro, bus, waterways, etc. “With this multimodal connectivity model, the city of Kochi will have three direct benefits. It will reduce the travel time of people in the city, reduce traffic on the road and reduce pollution in the city.

India has made clean efforts to protect the environment. A big resolution of zero has been taken, it will also help. It will reduce the carbon trail,” the Prime Minister said.

The Prime Minister reiterated that over the past eight years, the Central Government continued to work to make the Metro the most important mode of urban transport. He also said that the central government had expanded the metro to other major cities of the state, and it was not limited to the capital. The Prime Minister remarked that the first metro in our country was run almost 40 years ago and in the next 30 years only 250 km of metro route was added.

Emphasizing on the work done in the last 8 years, the Prime Minister said that more than 500 km of metro route was laid in the country and this work was being done on a new route of more than 1000 km. “We actually changed the Indian train. Currently, the train station in this country is also being developed as an airport.

Commenting on an old request of lakhs of people, the Prime Minister said that it was a happy occasion for Sabarimala worshipers from all countries who wanted to visit the temple. “The doubling of the Etuman-Chingavanam-Kattayam track will bring great comfort to Lord Ayyappa,” the Prime Minister said.

Highlighting the ongoing work in Kerala, the Prime Minister said that we said various infrastructure projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore were done. “From agriculture to industry, this modern infrastructure will create new job opportunities in Kerala.

The central government places great emphasis on Kerala connectivity. Our government also converts NH 66, which is called the lifeline of Kerala, on 6 routes. More than 55 thousand crore rupees are spent on this.

Emphasizing on the advantages, the Prime Minister said that tourism and commerce benefit as much as possible from modern and better connectivity. Tourism is an industry in which poor cities, middle classes, villages, cities are all connected, everyone wins. The Prime Minister said: “The development of tourism during the nectar period will help you develop the country.”

Emphasizing on the role of the Union Government, the Prime Minister said that various incentives have been planned for entrepreneurship in the tourism sector. He said that Mudra Yojana helps the needy for loans up to Rs 10 lakh and that too without warranty. The Prime Minister said: “As part of this program in Kerala, more than Rs 70 thousand crores were given to lakhs of small entrepreneurs.

Commenting on the specialty of Kerala, the Prime Minister said that the care and concern of the people was part of the life of the society. He said: “A few days ago, I had the opportunity to inaugurate Maa Amritanandamayi Hospital in Haryana. I was also blessed by receiving the blessings of the compassionate Amritanandamayi Amma in Kerala.

The Prime Minister concluded his speech, emphasizing on the basic mantra of support, development of each, self-confidence and efforts of all and declared that the government develops the country on the basis of these principles. The Prime Minister undertook to strengthen the method of developed India during the Amrit period.

Chief Minister of Kerala, Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, Governor of Kerala, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, Minister of State for External Affairs, MV Muraleetharan, Minister of State, Protector of MPs Rajiv and Anthony Raju, a Member of Parliament, Shri Hibi Eden and Kochi Corporation on the occasion But, the guards of Mayor M Anilkumar were present.

Description of the projects

The Prime Minister inaugurated the extension of the first phase of the Kochi Metro from PETA’s Railway Project to SN Junction.

The total cost of the project is more than Rs 700. The Kochi Metro Rail project will be one of the most sustainable metro projects in the country and will meet about 55% of its energy needs. The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the second phase of the Kochi Metro Railway project from Stade JLN at Infopark, which measures 11.2 km and comprises 11 stations.

The estimated total cost of this project is around Rs 1,950 crore. The proposed Phase II corridor of the Kochi Metro Metro project aims to meet the growing transport needs of the city of Kochi and is planned to connect the city’s district headquarters, special economic space and the existing Metro Computer Centre.

Rail network. Lastly, Phase I and Phase II metro husband-wife networks will connect the main residential and commercial hubs of the city with major public transport hubs such as stations and bus stands, thus reinforcing the concept of multimodal integration and ultimate connectivity.

The Prime Minister doubled the railway section of Kurukenthara-Kottayam-Chingavanam at a cost of about 750 breaks for the nation. With this, the entire stretch of Thiruvananthapuram to Mangaluru has been completely doubled, promising clear and seamless connectivity. It should be noted that the pilgrimage Sabarimala allegiance to Lord Ayyappa lac can easily descend at Kottayam or Chengannur in the double section and be punctuated by road. The Prime Minister also dedicated the new electrified rail section between Kollam-Panlur to the nation.

The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for the redevelopment of three stations – Ernakulam Junction, Ernakulam Town and Kollam in Kerala. The estimated total cost of the redevelopment projects of these resorts is around Rs 1050 crore. These stations will be equipped with state-of-the-art installations and installations such as dedicated arrival/departure corridors, skywalks, solar panels, waste water treatment factories, energy efficient lighting, rainwater and intermediate transportation.


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