Sita: After the publication of the Adipurush teaser, Kriti Sanon’s previous tweet about the violence at JNU gets viral.

Sita: Kriti Sanon, who is portraying Mata Sita in the forthcoming Ramayana-based movie Adipurush, came under criticism on October 3 over a tweet she had made in January 2020 about the violence at JNU during anti-CAA demonstrations. She had denounced an “attack on JNU teachers and students” at the time in a tweet.

It pains my heart to see what transpired at JNU, Kriti had written. It is horrible what is happening in India! Mask-wearing cowards are terrorising and beating up students and instructors! The never-ending blame game! Such a low level of political objectives! Violence is never the answer! How did we get to be so cruel?

She previously stated, “Right now, to be quite honest, whatever is happening in general, it truly saddens me because there is so much violence, which is not a solution to anything, in a video message to the media.

I believe that using violence will not benefit us in any way. What I’m trying to say is that the subject should be properly discussed. People must be given a voice. The kids were protesting, and I believe it is our right to do so in a silent manner.

Therefore, those who are demonstrating should speak with the administration. They must express their viewpoint. Right now, the violence must be reined in. As the secular nation of India that we are, we must all band together. Solve the problem by having the talk as adults.


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